Oamaru Harbour

Breathtaking morning atmosphere, captured in the old harbor of Oamaru, New Zealand. The low-hanging clouds really make the sky glow, creating a spectacular blaze of colors.

The story behind the image

A four-week trip across New Zealand ended in Oamaru, an interesting city known for its colonial architecture and blue penguins. I was determined to capture the sunrise over the old harbor there. One morning, luck was on my side: The sun hadn’t even risen yet, but the sky was already glowing with the most intense red shades. The harbor also offered a strong composition: The boats, still veiled in morning dew, glittered in the morning sunlight, providing me with my foreground element. To give the shot an especially picturesque atmosphere, I took it using a tripod and long-exposure setting. In the end, everything came together perfectly – and my trip ended not just with an unforgettable morning, but with a photographic highlight as well.

— Markus Remscheid


South Island, New Zealand


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